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What are the Differences and Similarities between AR-15 vs.M4?

The Differences and Similarities between m4 vs ar15 are lot except one thing ,because they are from the same “family design” of the ArmaLite Rifle. However, the big difference is depicted in their barrels and gas tube lengths. The M4 is short than the AR-15.Both are great guns that are incredibly reliable and accurate. However, the M4 is strictly built for military use only, and thus it is designed to accommodate grenade launchers and has a fully automatic option. If you are in the military, you can enjoy shooting the M4.An AR-15 is the most convenient option a civilian should own. It is illegal for civilians to own fully automated AR-15s unless it was produced before 1986. Trust me; such AR-15s are rare to find and expensive to purchase. Follow for more information.

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