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What are the size specifications of the pillowcase sample ?
The pillowcase sample is used as an exterior decoration for the pillow, and it is more of a function to protect the pillow from being broken, soiled, and extended. So what are the size specifications of the pillowcase? Below we will go to specific understanding.
The general pillowcases are rectangular, that is, rectangular. The pillowcase of this shape has two different sizes, one is the cell size and the other is the outer size. The outer dimension refers to the outermost dimension of the entire pillowcase to the outermost dimension of the opposite pillow. Since the outer dimension of the pillow is equal to the size of the cell of the pillowcase, the cell size and outer dimensions of the pillowcase described herein include the dimensions of the pillow.
The standard size of the pillowcase is: the cavity is 40 cm * 65 cm, and the outer side is 50 * 75 cm. This size of the pillowcase has a certain origin, it is said that the ratio of the length to the width is the golden ratio, which looks the most beautiful. In addition, the size of the pillowcase is also related to the size of the quilt, while the standard size of the quilt is 150 cm * 200 cm, and the standard double bed is also 150 cm * 200 cm.
A standard bed quilt is used as a tweezers for a standard bed of the right size. Then, two pillows are placed on the bed, and the right side of the left pillow is tangentially connected to the left side of the right pillow so that the size of the left side of the left pillow to the right of the right pillow is exactly equal to the bed width. The size of the lace around the pillowcase is generally 5 cm, which is the right size for easy grasping.
Pillows are not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable, and the pillowcases must have the appropriate size.
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