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The quality of acrylic panel products can be divided into good and bad development, so the manufacturer of acrylic panel reminds you that acrylic panel should also learn to distinguish. The following is a description of how to distinguish the good and bad of acrylic panel by the manufacturer of acrylic panel:

At present, the domestic acrylic panel market is at a low price with excellent quality. Acrylic panel is called regeneration. The panel is formed by chemical polymerization of recycled acrylic residue and recycled mma monomer lost after thermal degradation. It should be pointed out that in foreign countries, acrylic manufacturers have formulated scientific waste recovery plans and invested a large amount of money in waste cracking plants. After a strict process, pure monomer can be synthesized from new monomers without any quality difference in new losses. At present, some backward small workshops unilaterally pursue poor profits, poor working conditions, declining labor productivity, low monomer purity and technology, and low back panel quality.

Through these complicated and simple identification methods, the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic panel can be easily identified to avoid some unnecessary losses. However, due to the low recovery rate of acrylic panel price and its recognition, there is still a lot of market space for the recovery of acrylic panel in China. However, with the gradual understanding of acrylic materials, the living space of recycled panel will become smaller and smaller. Like all plastics, acrylic articles with impact resistance decrease with temperature. High-quality raw materials can usually be acrylic panel and supporting preparations made of China's excellent outdoor functions and metal materials. In light boxes, signboards and other fields, outdoor sports life expectancy can reach more than 10 years.

Acrylic has good transparency and light transmittance over 92%. And it has excellent weather resistance, especially for outdoor applications, in the first rank of other plastics, and has good surface hardness and gloss, good processing plasticity, can be made into various shapes and products.

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