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The cleaning and filtering system of the large public aquarium in the aquarium:

In order to clean the filter system, we should ensure that the filter system has several layers. The first layer is filter cotton, the second layer is biochemical cotton, the third layer is a glass ring (ceramic ring, biostone, etc.), and the fourth layer is activated carbon (ammonia stone, medical stone, etc.).

Since the sealing and installation of the filter cartridge are relatively complicated, and in order to maintain the nitrifying bacteria system, it is not suitable for frequent cleaning. Therefore, the choice of filter material should be more expensive.

The first layer is attributed to physical filtration, mainly to obstruct the solid residues in the water, so it is particularly easy to get dirty, and the cleaning is mainly based on this layer.

Other layers are generally rarely cleaned, but regular cleaning is very easy to lose nitrifying bacteria. Cleaning is to use a machine to change the water in the fish tank, take out the filter cotton, and repeatedly flush it in the water drawn from the fish tank, or use a pump tube to flush the filter cotton back (of course, the momentum is very limited).

When cleaning, be careful not to scrub or wash too clean, do not wash directly with tap water, otherwise the nitrifying bacteria attached to the filter cotton will be completely removed by you, and then lose the effect of biological filtration.

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