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On September 22, experts from the University of Sydney in Australia stated that they had developed a DNA-based vaccine for the new coronavirus. The special feature of this vaccine is that needleless injection during vaccination requires only air jets to be directly administered through the skin, which can effectively alleviate the suffering of the vaccinators.

Needleless injection, also known as a jet injection, uses the instantaneous high pressure generated by the power source to make the drug in the syringe pass through the nozzle to form a high-speed, high-pressure jet (flow rate generally greater than 100m/s), so that the drug penetrates the outer layer of the skin to the subcutaneous and skin A medical device that releases medicinal effects from the inner tissue layer

Although the concept of “needle-free injection” seems relatively new, in fact, American doctors developed the earliest prototype of a needle-free syringe in 1933, and it was widely used in large-scale vaccination during World War II, effectively preventing it. Infectious diseases caused by the injection.

After continuous improvement, needle-free syringes are gradually lighter and smaller, with higher drug delivery efficiency and less pain, which can improve elderly patients undergoing palliative care and other care, and improve chronic diseases that require daily injections (Such as diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases and multiple sclerosis) patient compliances, thereby improving the efficiency of drug administration. Not only that, in the context of the pandemic, needle-free injection without the risk of cross-infection has once again become the focus of public attention.

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