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DESCRIPTION : Website : Address : Southern, California, USA Jaime Hernandez is an illustrations & photography artist from Southern California. About the Artist: In my art I use colored pencil, ink and paper on which my illustrations are created. I prefer using these mediums because I find blending the colors easier when using them together. I have been drawing for several years and I have expanded my sources of inspirations from portraits to landscapes. In my portraits I use the geometry of the human face and form to convey the image I wish to represent. In my landscapes I use colors I find in nature to create my art. With my portraits pencil is the primary medium used with ink used to enhance the image. In my landscapes ink becomes my primary source with pencil used to shade and combine colors. Another art form I use is photography; I see my photographs as an extension to my artistic expression. My photography is influenced by the beautiful sunsets, sunrises, and landscapes I have available to me here in Southern California. I use my photography as a tool to capture all the natural beauty and variations in colors that Southern California, and other places I have traveled to, have to offer. It is through my photographs that I am able to share the beauty of my surroundings that I have seen with others.