Do Natural Remedies Work Effectively To Relieve Spider Veins?
    • Last updated April 3, 2021
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Do Natural Remedies Work Effectively To Relieve Spider Veins?

Posted By Freddy Decker     April 3, 2021    


Spider veins are small size veins that look like tree branches or a thread-like structure similar to a spider web. Their color may be purple or red and usually appear on the calves’ back, internal parts of the legs, and upper legs, or the surroundings of the area of the ankle.

They may occur due to contraceptive pills, family tendency, hormonal imbalance, menopause, or puberty. Prolonged standing or sitting can be the main reason for the diseased veins. If you are experiencing discomfort regarding spider veins, you should go for vein treatments.



The existence of spider veins doesn’t cause serious problems but their ugly sight can disturb you anyway. Also, you can experience itching or burning to the affected area of the legs. You can try natural remedies to prevent or ease the symptoms of spider veins. Moreover, using home remedies may be a safe strategy to prevent spider vein development. Other than that you can consult a vein doctor.   


Some of the Natural Remedies are discussed below:


Witch hazel:


It is considered a great natural remedy to eliminate spider veins because it makes the skin tighter so that diseased veins can shrink. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory to the spider veins in the treatment. The tannins and volatile oils compress the blood vessels, building a wonderful difference.


Apple cider vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is considered one of the best natural remedies for spider veins. It helps reduce swelling in the veins and you can notice the difference in some weeks. You can intake it orally or apply it to the affected area to get reliable results.  







Lemon oil works effectively on the spider veins as it increases the capillary permeability. It can easily be mixed with coconut, almond, or jojoba oil and should be massaged with it properly two times a day regularly.


Equine chestnut seeds:


The seeds have vigorous combinations that protect capillary walls from dangerous enzymes. They also strengthen the capillaries by eliminating the spider veins.  You can also use an appropriate lotion containing horse chestnut that can be useful for proper blood circulation.


Mustard oil:


It is a perfect solution for the removal of spider veins because it helps improve blood circulation by minimizing them eventually.


Other than that, the substances containing ginger work best for capillaries, or exercises, and a healthy weight can help to ease the symptoms of spider veins. If you follow these steps, you will be able to eliminate them such as:


  • Doing exercises daily and maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Avoid prolonged sitting or standing.
  • Using compression stockings on a regular basis.


If you don’t find these natural remedies useful for spider vein treatment, you can consult a vein specialist to get spider vein treatment. One of the best treatments to work on spider veins is Sclerotherapy:




It is the most common and effective treatment for leg veins. Your vein specialist injects a saline solution during the procedure to shrink the wall of the veins.  After the procedure, the specialist will recommend you compression stocking on each leg to better your blood circulation in the legs. You may also get spider vein treatment near me.


The minimum cost of spider vein treatment is $343. Moreover, it depends on the number of affected veins and their severeness.


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