Albion video game director talks about random dungeons coming soon

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Albion video game director talks about random dungeons coming soon

Posted By xia yumin     July 1, 2019    


When Oberon launched Albion Online later this month, it launched a random dungeon that added a mystery to the game and brought a new gaming experience to the players.

In the latest "Dev Talk", game director Robin Henkys cites new features, including how the game features work and what the player needs to know. This time it is made up of two parts, and this is the first part. Here is the approximate content of this random dungeon

Random dungeon:

Players can find them through hidden entrances, which can be found anywhere, or through a dungeon map, or you can find their whereabouts in Albion Online Silver For Sale the “fixed dungeon position in the open world”. Of course, these require players to explore and find their location and finally complete the challenge.
The entrance will tell the player which factions they will face, and some may not reveal their factions, so you don't know if you are facing your teammates or enemies. Others may happen around the world.
Most seem to have a fixed direction to find their final destination by players looking for memories. At the same time, they will always maintain a very fast speed
Requires 4-6 "well-equipped players"
World Group PvE will be open to Buy Albion Silver all players

Check out the video below or visit the Albion Online website for more information. Or go to for more details on the operation.