What are the New Innovations for Varicose Vein Treatment?

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What are the New Innovations for Varicose Vein Treatment?

Posted By Freddy Decker     September 2, 2021    


A doctor may recommend varicose vein treatment when vascular problems result in uncomfortable swelling and discoloration of the lower extremities. Medical techniques often involved painful procedures that did not always effectively or permanently address the problems in the past. For the better resolution of this painful malady, new technology has resulted in more options.


New Ways to Diagnose


With modern medical technological advancements, even diagnostic techniques have changed significantly. To detect the areas where the vascular flow is diminished, instead of a doppler device pressed firmly against the leg, special ultrasound tools provide faster results. To examine the entire landscape of the leg, modern ultrasound machines enable a vein specialist to see all the intricacies of the circulatory system. The resulting image is both two-dimensional and sharp. To determine the exact vein that is causing problems, this image is a useful tool that physicians can use.




What are Old Treatments?


Patients had to undergo uncomfortable procedures for varicose vein treatment Jericho, years ago. Under the skin near the groin, a physician would insert a flexible rod and then pass the rod through the entire vein. To the end of the rod, the physician would then attach a metal cap. The rod was pulled back through the vein and out from the groin incision, in the final step. To eliminate it from the vascular system, this process would strip the vessel. Other veins would take over to transport blood in its absence.


Another example of an older vein treatment Jericho technique is an ambulatory phlebectomy, but some patients still prefer this method. The physician pulls out the vessel with a special tool with this procedure. Other vessels take over immediately, once removed. Without waiting for reabsorption, the benefit of an ambulatory phlebectomy is immediate results.




What are Newer Options?


  • To restore vascular health, today vein doctor utilizes newer more advanced techniques. Inserting a thin catheter into the faulty vein, one procedure involves this. The vessel wall shrinks and collapses by applying radio waves. After this procedure, patients do not experience scarring but some people will notice bruising. To complete the final reabsorption it may take up to two months.


  • Another popular and non-invasive varicose vein treatment near me Jericho method is laser therapy. A vein doctor directs a laser to force the vessel to collapse. When the laser beam hits the skin, patients may experience slight discomfort. By cooling the skin, medical personnel immediately reduce this discomfort.


  • The other method of vein treatment near me is foam sclerotherapy. To create medicine that resembles thin shaving cream, foam sclerotherapy involves mixing a special detergent with air. The vein doctor injects the foam that causes blockage and swelling. Other venous systems step up to handle the blood flow once this occurs. For less severe issues, this type of therapy is best.



For diagnosis and treatment, patients should consult with medical professional recommendations to resolve potentially serious vascular problems. The vein doctor Jericho will give you the proper advice on which treatment and method you should opt for.



 Artical Source : https://veintreatmentnearme.wordpress.com/2021/08/27/what-are-the-new-innovations-for-varicose-vein-treatment/