Dental Filling: Which Can Be The Best Option?
    • Last updated November 30, 2021
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Dental Filling: Which Can Be The Best Option?

Posted By Clark Ervin     November 30, 2021    


When you are going through a dental procedure, visit Memorial Dentist quickly before the problem gets worse.  But what will happen, if you are on holiday, or it is the weekend, or it is the middle of the night and you are experiencing a severe toothache or any serious oral problem, you will have to visit Emergency Dental Services Near Me.




What Is Dental Filling?


Dental Filling:


A dental filling is a kind of treatment that is utilized to revive missing tooth structures that could have been resulting from tooth decay and trauma. The decay causes hollow teeth. Dental fillings are used to fill this gap and protect the teeth from further decay. A filing is also used for;  Deep Cavity Filling, Cracked Tooth Filling when you have multiple tooth decay. 


These days patients have become far more vigilant than they were a few years ago. Patients are now giving importance to oral care. Most people who are suffering from severe dental cavities, have to undergo dental restorations with the help of dental fillings. There are various types of fillings that are being used these days. Visit Dentist Memorial Houston to get the filling treatment. 


Dental fillings: An Overview.


  • Amalgam fillings have been used for ages. The composition of an amalgam filling is a perfect blend of metals including fifty percent of mercury along with tin, zinc, silver, and copper. As compared to the other types of dental fillings the advantage that amalgam has is that they are less costly, very strong, and lasts really long. However, the problem is that because they are silver in color, they can fade after some time. It indicates that when you open your mouth, it might look odd when people are talking to you. Earlier the amalgam fillings were considered unsafe because of the mercury content. However, now it has been confirmed that the level of mercury is secure enough to be practiced but then it is always sufficient to keep your choices open. Visit Memorial Dentists Houston to know about the fillings treatment. 





  • Your next option for dental fillings is Composite Resin Fillings. The Composite Dental Fillings are prepared from powdered glass and acrylic resin and are more profitable than amalgam fillings. The greatest benefit of composite fillings is that they can be employed to balance the color of the teeth. This type of filling is perfect for those who want a perfect-looking smile. This type of filling is a perfect fit for small-sized fillings.  Memorial Dentists would recommend it to patients who feel little pressure in chewing food.


  • Gold dental fillings are your third best option when you choose to support a dental restoration. Since they are strong and highly durable, you can trust them for their high durability.  However, you must be aware that such sort of durability won't come cheap. They are really costly and it might be possible that you have to spend a lot of time at the dentists' clinic to get them fixed.


  • Porcelain fillings are another option for you and have the traits like gold and composite. They are costly and need multiple dental visits to the clinic. On the other hand, they are brittle but seem like natural teeth which help in delivering you a natural look.


  • Lastly, resin or Glass Ionomer is also the option for dental fillings. They are used on the primary teeth or they also may be used to fill small areas where the decay is present. Since they are very delicate, usually used on kids.


Consult your Dentist 77433 first, before you decide on the treatment. 


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