What Color Braces Are Most Attractive?
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What Color Braces Are Most Attractive?

Posted By Jakes lessor     Mar 15    


Baby blue braces are one of the most popular color options for kids and adults. This light blue shade has an understated, yet attractive, appearance that makes it perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to draw attention to their orthodontic treatments or those who just want something aesthetically pleasing to wear throughout the day. Here are some other details about baby blue braces you might find useful before making your selection with your orthodontist...


Baby Blue Braces

It’s hard to argue that baby blue braces are not, in fact, cute. In fact, most people who have them insist they look good. The only problem is that baby blue doesn’t exactly go with everything and if you plan on ever getting a tattoo, it will be hard to match up with your ink. As far as color goes, however, baby blue is generally accepted as one of the best options available out there.


Purple Braces

Surveys show that purple braces are most attractive and Baby Blue Braces are least attractive. If you’re thinking about getting braces, but aren’t sure which color you should get, read on to learn why Baby Blue is so unsexy! [in my opinion] Take a moment and look at yourself in the mirror. Really take a good long look—from head to toe. Now take another look—but don’t forget to check out your teeth! They might be straightening up soon, with braces, Invisalign or some other orthodontic device. But before you get them, it pays to know what cute color braces will make you smile even more.


Pink Braces

While white and gold cute braces are still popular, more and more patients are opting for colored braces. Whether it’s a fashion statement or just to stand out from other people with similar orthodontic needs, there are many options out there for those who want to choose a different color than silver or clear. However, before you rush out to get rainbow-colored steel in your mouth, you should know that some colors look better than others depending on your teeth color and complexion. In fact, most people benefit from choosing an off-white color such as pearl white or light gray; that way they can have their teeth straightened without looking like a highlighter-wearing clown when they smile.


Silver Braces

According to many teens, silver pretty braces colors are very cute and enhance your smile with a modern look. The metal of silver is resistant to rust, making them popular for patients who tend to have dry mouths that cause some tooth decay. The metal is also hypoallergenic so they work well for people with allergies or sensitive teeth. Finally, they are reasonably priced and can be completed in just a few months. If you’re looking for an attractive alternative to traditional metal braces, consider silver ones!


Other Cool Colors

These days, lots of kids are rocking cute braces colors. They come in all sorts of cool colors, patterns and shapes—some that light up and change colors. The latest styles are no longer made of metal; instead, kids can get braces made from different materials like ceramic or clear plastic. When it comes to picking a color, there is really no right or wrong answer as to what’s cute! If you’re thinking about getting braces but aren’t sure which ones will look best on you, keep these factors in mind: skin tone and hair color. If you have dark hair and brown eyes, choosing a lighter shade (like white) may help brighten your face.