Braces Color Wheel - Find The Best Color For You

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Braces Color Wheel - Find The Best Color For You

Posted By Ivanov Orthodontic     May 2    


You probably haven’t thought much about the color of your braces and brackets, but there’s actually a lot to consider! You might be surprised at how much of an impact the right color can have on how you feel about your smile, as well as how others perceive you in social settings. Browse our braces color wheel to find the best shade for you!

Color wheel for braces

A common mistake when choosing a tooth-straightening system is for patients to ignore color. It’s not just how straight your teeth will be that matters, but how natural and comfortable they will look after treatment. Conventional metal braces are notorious for their unsightly appearance, especially as they move toward completion. Enter Invisalign: an alternative orthodontic system that uses clear or translucent aligners to move teeth into place instead of wires and brackets. Now, even adult patients have color options beyond traditional silver or white; some Invisalign aligners are nearly indistinguishable from clear retainers or dental veneers.


What does each color mean?

Here’s a quick summary of what each color in braces means: If you have red braces, people will see you as outgoing and friendly. Yellow braces are perceived as creative and witty. Orange braces show that you are optimistic and cheerful. Blue-colored braces make a statement that you’re calm, collected, and cool-headed. Purple communicates powerchains to others – but not necessarily overbearing or domineering powerchains . Green is seen as generous, loving, and tolerant. Brown is seen as quiet or soft-spoken by others – perhaps your typical quiet-but-caring type?


Finding the right color for you

When choosing braces, you’ll have to consider a variety of factors including your skin tone, hair color and lifestyle. But have you considered matching your brace color to one of those adorable powerchains? Here are some important questions to ask yourself when considering your brace color: Do I want my braces to stand out? If so, choose a bright and colorful hue. If not, go for something more subtle and neutral. Also take into account whether you want people to be able to see them right away or prefer that they go unnoticed under clothing until it’s time for close-up pictures. Are my teeth darker than my skin?


Blue, Teal, and Green

These colors are best for you if you’re a cool toned girl or guy. These colors look great against your skin tone and can complement your facial features well. If you have blue eyes, it’s an especially good idea to wear these colors. Many of these shades also work well for business attire as they aren’t flashy and tend to be conservative in nature. If you want to pull off other hues, try using neutrals like black or grey to liven up your outfits without being too flashy about it. There’s nothing wrong with being stylish – just don’t overdo it!


Red, Orange, and Purple

These shades of red, orange, and purple look great with a variety of skin tones. But, because they’re in-between shades on the color wheel, it can be challenging to pick which exact tone will work best for you. If you want to try out these colors, err on the side of caution and stick with muted versions rather than brighter ones. Bright hues can wash you out and make your complexion appear paler than it actually is. If you do opt for one of these bold colors, look for lighter shadings as opposed to darker tones; they won’t overwhelm your face but still have enough pop to add a little excitement!


Brown, Black, and Pink

With brown, black, and pink all being neutrals, they're a safe bet if you want your braces to blend in with other facial features. While they won't get noticed on their own, it's hard to pick a color that's more discreet than these. Brown is particularly popular for men and teenagers because of its neutral nature. It also has a subtle flavor of masculinity, making it one of most common colors for guys. Pink on women or blue on men would be too bold for most adults but can be great for younger people who are trying to make their braces stand out from their peers.