Techniques for Coaching a Sales Team

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Techniques for Coaching a Sales Team

Posted By Emily Clarke     June 15, 2022    


Coaching plays a major role in building successful teams in the workplace. This is particularly true in the sales industry as even sales professionals with natural talent require ongoing coaching to stay at the top of their game.

There are plenty of techniques you can use for coaching your sales force, and each technique serves a different purpose. Keep in mind that different people learn in different ways, so it may be beneficial to understand and put into practice several different techniques to ensure success.

If you’re questioning how to approach sales coaching, below are three different techniques to help you coach your sales team more effectively and efficiently:

Strategic Coaching

Strategic sales coaching involves utilizing concepts that visualize a big-picture take on sales. This differs from more pointed types of coaching techniques as it doesn’t lend itself to targeting one specific industry. Instead, sales manager coaching tools used in strategic coaching focus more on developing sales strategies that can apply across a range of industries, product types, prospect pools, and markets. Find the best sales manager coaching tools by visiting this website.

Skill-Specific Coaching

In skill-specific coaching, the goal is to focus on providing feedback on specific skills that play a part in the everyday work of a sales rep. Sales manager coaching tools utilized in this technique may involve things like recorded sales calls that are analyzed together in a coaching session.

The purpose of using skill-specific coaching in sales is to help your sales team members zero in on specific skills that may need to be tightened up. This may be the case where a sales rep is proficient in big-picture sales strategies, but they may need some additional work put in when it comes to certain aspects of the sales process.

Tactical Coaching

Tactical sales coaching is a technique that places a strong emphasis on the specific approach a sales rep takes. Some subjects to focus on in tactical sales coaching may include conversation-starting, lead generation, prospect qualification for transfer to account executives, and other related action items that play roles in the actual completion of sales activities.

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