Rongli launches new wool woven mattress

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Rongli launches new wool woven mattress

Posted By bea mattressfabric     October 28, 2018    


Rongli has recently launched a practical new product, specifically a wool woven mattress with a woven mattress fabric.

The purpose is to provide a wool-woven mattress with moderate hardness, comfortable use, warmth and cold resistance to meet people's needs.

The wool woven mattress has a cushion body inside the outer cover, and the cushion body is a cube woven by a wool thread layer by layer.

The design points of the wool woven mattress are:

  1. The cushion body is woven with wool thread, so the mattress has good warmth performance, and is suitable for use in the vast northern regions where the winter is relatively cold;
  2. Since the mat body is woven with wool thread layer by layer, the mattress has excellent resilience and softness, and the long-term use elasticity will not decrease, and there will be no crushing or collapse, and the long-term use can be alleviated. Human fatigue;
  3. Since the pad body is woven with wool thread, there is a large amount of air gap, so the air permeability is good, the use is comfortable, and the sleep can be relieved;
  4. Because it is made of pure natural wool material, it has no other chemical synthetic materials, so it is hygienic and environmentally friendly. Long-term use can improve sleep quality and protect human health. The utility model can effectively improve the sleeping environment and is an environment-friendly health care mattress.

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