A good example of what may appear

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A good example of what may appear

Posted By lucy Sage     August 31, 2022    


Blizzard has WoTLK Classic Gold released the "not a bug report" which covers issues which appear to be bug, but are actually true and represent WoW as it was ago. "The character of WoW Classic can trigger various memories for different players, which creates a variety of misconceptions regarding what is or isn't working the way it was intended to," Blizzard said in an article on its blog.

A good example of what may appear to be a glitch however is actually working in the way it was intended is how pet aggro functions. The aggro radius is extremely inconsistent, which is exactly what happened in the original version of WoW. In addition, WoW Classic players may observe that quests that are available do not show up with an "!" in the mini-map. it's not an issue. Furthermore, quests that have lengthy descriptions do not have text wrapping as it's supposed to work. In addition quest objectives and other locations of interest aren't visible on maps, but that's how it was with the original WoW.

You can find the complete "not an issue" list below in the form that was created by Blizzard.

WoW Classic has some serious bugs, however they are not limited to every aspect that the game offers. These issues were explained through Blizzard on a different blog post that you can find an overview of all the problems that are known to WoW Classic issues here.

WoW Classic is proving to be very popular, so that players are faced with massive queues to join servers despite the fact that Blizzard has added four more servers before the release.

WoW Classic WoW Classic, as the name implies is a re-release version of the first genre-defining MMO cheap WoTLK Classic Gold that was released in 2004 and has a few features that have been updated. It's available for free to current subscribers of WoW. For more information, read P2Pah's comprehensive guide to all you must be aware of about WoW Classic.