Stay Safe During Your Taxi Trip

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Stay Safe During Your Taxi Trip

Posted By Aaacab Aaacab     September 10, 2022    


Some taxi drivers are finding it increasingly difficult to run a profitable business.

The financial meltdown has touched many people hard, and many are pinching their belts in every manner they can, including using cabs. However, the governmentÕs current and ongoing drunk driving campaigns are having a beneficial impact on raising the number of taxis used by the public at night.

Taxi Vernon CT drivers understand that the most lucrative shifts are late in the evening. Although this is the most lucrative time, there is also an upsurge in possible abuse and violence.

The only form of vehicle that can lawfully be hailed & stopped by a member of the general public is a licenced hackney carriage. All other vehicles available for public hire must be pre-booked before picking up a fare-paying passenger or passengers.

It is also required that Taxi New Haven CT providers keep a booking log. The name & collection address must be recorded at the time of booking, giving private hire vehicles with some form of identify of the individual utilising their services, which may help if any violence, abuse, or damage is caused to the driver or automobile.

Licensed hackney carriages are not required to keep logs and are thus more vulnerable.

Taxi drivers can take a variety of precautions to reduce danger.

  1. Maintaining contact with the on-board radio system. Contacting the office regularly or notifying them as early as a problem arises may help to protect the drivers.
  2. Installing a convex mirror that gives a clear view of whatÕs going on in the back of the vehicle, allowing the driver to anticipate any potentially harmful situations.
  3. Saloon car drivers can add a shield composed of material that can assist protect them from a knife or strong body blow, such as a punch.
  4. Many local governments are assisting taxi drivers in reducing the danger of abuse and violence by putting video cameras in licenced taxis and minicabs. Taxi insurance companies embrace all risk-reduction efforts, and while they may not provide a special discount for vehicles equipped with video cameras, any recorded film of aggression and harm can be used to help support a claim.
  5. Taxi South Windsor CT drivers may refuse a customer if they consider they pose a significant risk.
  6. Those who drive a saloon automobile should consider limiting the number of passengers in the front seat.
  7. You should leave the window open just enough to speak to people, but not so far that others can reach in and attack or grab you.
  8. Regularly returning to the workplace, business and transferring funds can also assist limit the chance of loss.

There are so many taxi insurance providers will also cover the loss of money if it is stolen. There are some limits to how much money they will efficiently cover, so it is worth consulting them to check if this is included or offered as part of the insurance coverage.