Best IT Asset Management in Auckland, Melbourne & Hobart

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Best IT Asset Management in Auckland, Melbourne & Hobart

Posted By aaron ruslee     Feb 17    


Device42 asset management - Optimise your hybrid digital environment with the best IT Asset Management with Device42 in Auckland, Melbourne & Hobart. Simplify your IT Operations with data.

Enhance your understanding

ITAM adds value across;

Security posture – a clear view of your hybrid digital environment from Device42 gives you an accurate picture of your attack surfaces. 

Planning for migrations – ITAM with Device42 serves as a guide for planning for key projects such as Cloud migration or Data Centre consolidation. Providing a comprehensive overview of hardware and software assets, ITAM facilitates strategic decision-making, minimising disruptions and optimising the transition process.

Planning asset replacement – an asset replacement schedule is an important part of IT budget planning. We often see that these schedules don’t include all assets, and/or don’t factor in application dependency. ITAM with Device42 will provide a comprehensive asset list to begin the planning process. 

Certificate Management – a small element of a clear view of your hybrid digital environment is very valuable – understanding when Certificates expire. ITAM with Device42 provides real-time visibility into when Certificates are due to expire, ensuring proactive renewal

Ad-hoc enquiries – ITAM with Device42 swiftly answers critical questions about your digital infrastructure. For  example, you may ask how many Windows 10 devices do I have? Device42 offers an immediate count, giving you an accurate snapshot of your current Windows 10 device inventory. 

It’s the rapid insight needed to stay ahead of potential issues and maintain a secure, well-managed IT environment.

Measure power consumption – your hybrid digital environment can be a significant consumer of power, and therefore impact broader carbon ESG calculations. Incorporating ITAM with Device42 into the process enhances the accuracy of power consumption measurement. Device42 can provide insights into the energy efficiency of IT assets, helping you to identify power-intensive devices and optimise their usage.

Understand application dependency – ITAM with Device42 provides a concise view of application dependencies. Using Device42, we help you gain clarity on how different software components interact within your digital ecosystem. This streamlined insight aids in efficient planning, updates, migrations, and issue resolution.

Use ITAM information in other tools like your ITSM platform – integrate the insights gathered from ITAM with Device42 seamlessly into other tools, like your IT Service Management (ITSM) platform. This integration ensures that the detailed information about assets, application dependencies, and other critical data feeds directly into the broader service management ecosystem. By connecting ITAM with ITSM, we can help you to enhance your ability to streamline workflows, improve incident resolution, and optimise overall IT service delivery.

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