I haven't played Runescape in some time
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    • Last updated December 17, 2020
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I haven't played Runescape in some time

Posted By wang rui     December 17, 2020    


I would advise you do willows to RuneScape gold about level 50, then change to maples. Use the sals Firemaking Calculator to find exactly how many logs you require for 99, then buy them. It should be 2-4m. Not very costly. Final words: You're prepared to puke your brains out after some time. I ceased firemaking and started crafting since it is so exhausting. Maples would be far faster, and much easier on the clicking finger.

Some useful items which could help you reach your target: Master Panance Horn: Provides Dual xp to every log that you burn. You're getting a bonus 100% xp per log. Extremely helpful to individuals that are keen on Barbarian Assault. Ring of Fire + Flame Gloves -- Accessible at levels 68, and 79 respectively (someone might want correct on this ) -- They each give a 2% xp bonus once worn, but when worn they give 5% bonus. Doesn't seem like much but it may save you from burning off a few million logs at the long run. Pyrelord OR Forge Regent Familiars -- All need decent Summoning levels (49, and 80 I believe) but may be utilized as a Tinderbox and provides a 10% xp bonus when used as such.

Alright, so I haven't played Runescape in some time, almost a year in fact. Gameplay-wise, GE, etc.. I'd love to know when I get Mem's again (in about a week) exactly what I need to concentrate on? I'd also appreciate it if you could tell me how money making has shifted. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

In addition, I have a budget of ~26m. What should I change in that setup (I.E., exactly what Arma item should I have, and how does this affect the rest of the set-up?) ? Should you read this entire thing, put"I read it" in the end of your post. I'll be killing away from the Eyrie. I made a bet with a friend of mine that at a 30 day membership I might find a 99. I chose firemaking because I have level 61 and I discovered that it would cost approximately 5.8M to get to 99. However, I have only ten days before the membership is up.

So I am performing Troll Stronghold and I was wondering what the best way to overcome the troll general is. As of now I'm training prayer to 43 and im planning on using melee to dds him and then just use a dlong. I've enough bones to get 43 prayer at ectofuntus which should only require an hour or so. I have full rune, serker helm, climbing boots, glory, obsidian cape, dlong, dds. I dropped my ring of existence, also because I died the first time I tried I only have 100k or so to invest on new things (I had to purchase all new things. This is my next effort at the troll overall ) My inventory is going to be 4 prayer pots (4) along with rs2007 gold the rest sharks. Any suggestions?