Learn Problems of Rubber Extruder

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Learn Problems of Rubber Extruder

Posted By na bai     Jan 5    


Because the air or oil pressure of rubber extruder is too low, the automatic screen changer of the rubber extruder will be slow or even inoperable. In addition, the air and oil leakage of the cylinder and the hydraulic station can also cause this problem. Faced with this kind of problem, the first shut-down operator needs to check the sealing condition of the power system of the screen changer and the air cylinder or hydraulic cylinder to avoid the recurrence of this kind of problem.

However, when the torque of the extrusion system of the rubber extruder is too large and the main motor and the input bearing are not connected together, the safety pin or safety key of the rubber extruder may be cut off. When this problem occurs, Firstly, check the preheating time and observe whether the heating value meets the requirements. Secondly, check the extrusion system to observe whether the screw is stuck by metal or other objects.

In the daily work of the rubber extruder, sometimes the extrusion volume suddenly drops. If this happens, it may be that the feeding system has malfunctioned, or there may be no material in the hopper. For this reason, the feeding system needs to be carefully inspected to find out the problem, or fill in the appropriate material; in addition, this problem can also occur when the screw is jammed, which requires the extrusion system to be checked And clean up.

During the operation of the rubber extruder, if the feeding is not uniform, the current of the main machine will be unstable, and the main motor bearing will be damaged or poorly lubricated; a certain section of the heater fails and does not heat; the screw adjustment pad is wrong or the phase is wrong Will cause this to happen. Therefore, it is necessary to check the feeder, repair main motor and heater frequently to prevent this from happening.

In daily work, mechanical equipment will inevitably have some failures, and in order to reduce the incidence of these failures, it is necessary for staff to conduct regular inspection and maintenance on them, so that these mechanical equipment can work smoothly.