How to control a cordless drill?
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How to control a cordless drill?

Posted By james mustain     January 5, 2021    


The drill is one of the most popular and necessary tools, but the different ways to control the drill might confuse you a little, especially if you are a newbie. Hence, we created this page for setting your mind at ease when it comes to using a drill.

To use a drill effectively and adequately, it is not only about matching a bit then pulling the trigger. We would take as example the Dewalt drill, which is one of the best products, the most popular drill across all the brands. You can find it easily on The King Live list.

Forward and reverse adjustment

Forward & reverse adjustment appear in every drill. It can indicate and change the drill direction depending on the way it is pressed. The corresponding arrow can be in every side of the switch to indicate the direction. When you set the switch in the central position, it locks the drill.

Speed setting

Most drills have two speeds, but some drills have three or beautiful adjustments. The fearing offers versatility depends on the task you will perform. Set 1 is low speed & high torque used for driving screws. Set 2 is the medium speed seven torque used for drilling and driving. Set 3 is the top speed for drilling and driving faster. Don’t change the speed switch while the tool is working, and it causes damage to the gears.

Clutch control

Clutch is also one of the main features for having dialed in. There is a list starting from 1 to 20, which uses to set the clutch for delivering the torque range. If the number is high, the torque is high, creating the bigger fastener for driving. You can adjust the narrow for making a low setting and begin to press the crew in the control clutch.

Drill and hammer

When you want to drill, put the arrow on the drill icon. If the drill comes with a hammer drill, you can see the hammer icon. Remember, don’t use these settings when you are driving.

Keyless chuck

You have to open the chuck to attach drill and driver bits. You can rotate the chuck counter clockwise until accepting the bit. Inserting the bit 3.4 of an inch and tighten it by turning clockwise. The keyless is for only hand stretched.

You can install the bit by placing the drill in reverse. After that, grasp the end of chuck, and don’t forget, pulling the trigger to open the bit. Then you can drop the bit, switch drill in the right place and pull the trigger but still hold the chuck in the correct position. After that, you fall the bit and turn the drill in the area and pull the trigger, still, hold the chuck in place. You have to release the trigger and hand tighten for ensuring the bit seated correctly.

Drill handle

The hammer drills will come with the handle when you attach the handle, and it offers more control to push into hard materials such as cement and bricks. You need to turn the counter lock to loosen for sliding over the front of the drill when you rotate the lock. The best quality handle will make you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Check out top product reviews to find the best products.


Most of the cordless drill has an indicator for indicating the amount of your battery left. You can push on the battery for turning on the light of the indicator.

Our brief of controlling the drill might break some general understanding of drill adjustment. You are better at reading some more from The best products Especially, try to experience it by yourself and find out how to operate it. Enjoy your time!


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