Suspended Scaffolding Systems Vs Scaffold \u2013 What Are The Top Differences?

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Suspended Scaffolding Systems Vs Scaffold – What Are The Top Differences?

Posted By Alan Wood     January 15, 2021    


When it comes to construction equipment and systems, suspended scaffolding systems and scaffold are two things that are used often. Many people who are out of loop tend to confuse one with the other. These are some of the top differences between the two.


These are different brackets laid for solving horizontal and vertical transportation for construction workers. In the world of architecture, these are used in spots where inner and outer walls of buildings have to be decorated in floors located high up above. These are primarily used for overhead installation, periphery safety grid maintenance, construction etc.

These are made universally out of things like wood, bamboo, composite material, steel tube etc, although it is also common these days to find aluminium scaffolding system being used. These are used widely in mining, making bridges, traffic roads, municipal facility etc as well as in the advertising industry and various other sectors.

Suspended Scaffolding Systems

Also referred to as hanging scaffold systems, these are used for efficiently handling overhead activities today. These can easily work as a substitute for a regular scaffold and can be reused. This kind of scaffolding can be categorized into two types – electric and manual – which is not the case with traditional scaffolds.

This is used widely in outer wall maintenance and cleaning activities in high rises, curtain wall installation, outer wall construction etc. You can also find it being used today in engineering operations, and for building dams, bridges, large tanks and a lot more.

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