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  • Nothing speaks love louder than a holiday card made with the right decorations and perfect choice of colors. While you may be willing to spend some valuable dollars to give your loved one a graphic 3D or animated holiday card they will much appreciate a handmade effort if you do so.

    Sure, not everyone is in touch with their artistic side and may not be good with choosing the right combination of theme to font but with a little tips here and there and a dedication to do best for your beloved you can rock the holiday cards like never before.

    Know the Audience

    Are you making a holiday card for your grandma? You might want to tone down the colors a little bit or you know your brother won’t admire a Barbie cartoon drawn over a pink background. How about making him something athletic or drawing a cartoon out of his favorite comics or action-series. All these ideas need to be thoughtful. Before you get all artistic with the holiday card you need to dig deeper into the ideas and choices of your loved ones.

    Sure nobody has that much time to stalk all their relatives to discover their interest but here’s a tip: if you are going to please someone older than you keep it light and sophisticated while children love splash of colors and overloaded cartoon characters. And your siblings have all their interest open in front of you!

    Get Creative

    In this era who does not own a computer let alone know how to use one. If you are one of those people who spent their childhood getting all Picasso on paint (Like us) then you are better than you think. Draw something animated on your computer use various tools and ideas to make a wonderful round cartoon for your favorite kid or even a cute pinkish flower to bloom at the center of your card for your mom. Whatever you do print it out and write your message or you could use some fancy colored font on the computer as well.

    To cover up the printing cost you can use the printer at home or may pitch in the idea to buy a new edition of 3D printers that might add an extra touch of creativity. Try to make use of the wonderful prusa i3 mk3 voucher code to get your printers’ needs met.

    Sometimes a Card Is Just Not Enough

    No, we are not going to advise you to buy gifts for everyone too, if you want to yourselves then great but otherwise we are against that. Nobody should spend all their savings on bunch of gifts especially when you are already tight on budget. With our idea of going an extra mile all you need is just an extra sheet of paper.

    We would suggest you to get your favorite ones’ cards in an envelope. Whether you are giving it to your siblings or your parents or your friends a little envelope with a cute little basic message goes a long way. Just don’t forget to use the complimentary colors for your envelope.

    Or you could also send some little chocolates with every card you send out. How about placing little candies in the envelope? Or a bar of their favorite chocolate with a ribbon around the card? This is something really sweet in the literal sense.

    Go Down the Memory Lane

    Only special people deserve special efforts while you could buy printed colorful cards from the market, making a customized card will show love nothing else? Our advice is to get a little personal with your approach. If you need to show someone you remember the good times you had with them, you love the for the role they play in your life, then a little walk down the memory lane is the best idea.

    Use some pictures and get some images printed out from your amazing times together. Paste them and write your favorite getaway with the memory. You cannot imagine the impact it will have on your loved one. Chances are you could bring them happy tears!

    Get Inspirations

    Inspirations are everywhere but to get something specific to what your friend or family member would love you need to dig a little deeper. Find the things that intrigue your favorite person and then search relevant ideas to that. Make use of the Pinterest to get the best creative inspirations and you will be artistic even before you know it.

    Something Engraved

    Who says a card has to be made of paper only? If you are in to show efforts then there is nothing that should stop you. Make something different from the ordinary that shows the thought and care you put into the idea. How about engraving into wood? Or if you are not that good of a sculpture, try pasting pictures on a large wood plank along with cute post its. Or you could also gift them a small Polaroid with a simple yet warming message at the back.