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  • President Vladimir Putin is ready and willing to have a confrontation with the West of the scale that would not have been imaginable during the previous 14 years of his presidency. A vaccination program of some kind has been a regular part of life for citizens in the United States for the past 60 years. It is unclear whether BP could continue to operate in the United States or even carry out its global business smoothly if it continued to be a Rosneft shareholder with Mr Sechin still in charge, yet it would be difficult to find buyers for a holding worth $12.5bn in the midst of a crisis. In a recent statement for a news program, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier conceded that the EU foreign ministers (himself included) had been too quick during the early days of the crisis to engage with the Ukrainian opposition and too slow to take account of the larger geopolitical issues that are entangled with the crisis.

    The proximate cause was rising tail-risk of a eurozone crisis and debt ceiling fight in Washington. Rising bear of the dire consequences of these events served to crater unique boutique s, but neither of these Apocalyptic scenarios ever materialized. If 2011 is a parallel, then perhaps the answer is to consider the possibility of the markets pricing in rising tail-risk, namely Russia-Ukraine and a China meltdown. It would be measures like these that would spook the markets and force a re-pricing of Russian related tail-risk. In a separate article, Evans-Pritchard indicated that western energy companies like BP and Shell may have trouble operating in the US should the next stage of sanctions be imposed. Today, Western Europe finds itself boxed in. Putin no longer trusts Western politicians and seems to have concluded that Russian interests will be taken into account only, if and when it has a strong negotiating position. They believe in the aged long saying that "What You Save, Will Save you". Netflix Inc will now have resistance located at $198 as well as $200.


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