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  • Posted By : Codi Harper
  • Posted On : Mar 18, 2021
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  • Description : In this brief article, the author tries to describe such a notion as leadership.


  • If at one time you asked yourself whether leadership is acquired or inherited, it means that you have already commenced a journey to becoming a leader. From a critical point of view, a good leader is one who is seen as intelligent, resourceful, wise, has a strong personality, and ambitions. Some of these qualities can be innate or acquired through training. Sometimes we find ourselves in quagmire that requires us to take leadership roles.
    I have a strong passion for sports and because of this I have been taking part in rowing races. We always have a leader who guides us during the race. The leader ensures the safety of the crew through proper steering of the boat and being in command of the boat at all times besides other responsibilities such as coaching the crew when the coach is absent, for instance. At one time, we had a race but unfortunately our leader was sick and therefore we had to select a leader who would take his role during the race. After a brief argument, I was selected to lead the crew. I remember this time as one of the hardest in my sporting career as I had to exercise my leadership skills during a competition and ensure a win.
    One thing I knew about boat racing was that everyone has to harness their power in unison starting from the leader. I applied my full force and put all the energy I had into the race. By doing this, I managed to energize everyone, which made us maintain the rhythm of strokes in syncronicity leaving no room for losing the symphonic pull until we emerged winners of the race.
    That was the day I realized that a leader should be willing and eager to abandon self-determination for team-determination. Those who are capable of doing this become true leaders and lead their team to victory.
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