MyWorldGo 'NBA 2K19' tips and tricks to maintain a suffocating defense

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  • Description : 'NBA 2K19' tips and tricks to maintain a suffocating defense


  • Playing good defense at the NBA 2K series has always been more challenging than playing quality crime. On crime, you dictate the tempo and make the initial movement, but on defense, everything you do is a response to the opposing group. Back in NBA 2K19, defense is appropriately balanced and opens up the doorway to shutting down your opponent with greater efficiency. Still, you need to be on the prowl at all times and you can't take possessions off. If you find that you're struggling on the defensive end in MT NBA 2K19, these tips will get you on the road to getting the greatest shutdown defender.

    NBA 2K19's crucial defensive modification must do with contesting shots. In previous games, you could simply stay hugged up next to the ball handler with a combo of L2/LT and holding up on the right trigger. When they moved up for the shooter, you would automatically stick up a hand to contest the shot. This meant that if you stuck near your competition, it was hard for them to get an open look if that's all you did.

    In 2K19, you must manually contest shots, regardless of your defensive stance. We've found that watching a participant's feet helps. If you are familiar with stick controllers, you can even move the right stick up quickly to competition a shot. Quite often, stick controls function much better as your elbows are always on both sticks anyhow.

    By default, the shooter competition controller is also for blocking. If you're playing close defense, then you may also receive a hands on the ball. However, should you find yourself fouling shooters on a constant basis, you might want to try the vertical contest instead. If you move the left rod out from the shooter whilst using the contest control, you are going to go straight up, which eliminates the prospect of blocking the shot or fouling. You'll still alter the openness score for the shooter doing so, lowering the probability that the shot will fall.

    Besides shot contests, the 1 area of defense that has dramatically improved in NBA 2K19 are steals. Too often in previous versions did a quality steal effort lead to a reach-in foul. Often times, it simply didn't make sense. In 2K19, steal attempts are more effective. To slip, press Square (X Xbox One, Y on Switch), or, if crowding the dribbler, quickly press down and release the right stick.

    When should you attempt to steal, though? If you are playing man-to-man defense and also the dribbler keeps exposing the ball without doing anything to protect it, you get a fantastic opportunity to select their pocket.

    Another technique you can use against irresponsible dribblers is forcing turnovers via fouls. It's common to perform human opponents which Buy NBA 2K Coins take pleasure in padding the stat lines of their best players. To do so, they often end up playing hero ball. This means they'll often attempt to dismiss defenders in one-on-one scenarios. The problem with this strategy, especially in 2K19, is the fact that it is more difficult to get by defenders generally. So they end up forcing it.