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  • In the post on reddit whereegosdare explains the rationalization behind spending $200 each week on Madden writing,
        “Now the interesting thing is the place where I say it in dollar amounts the gravity products was lost is quantifiable. Saying it as a “two big bundles each week, one ToTW, one legend” almost Madden Mobile Coins sounds socially acceptable.
        And that’s what EA wants.”
    Gamers inside the thread compare the Ultimate Team chance, animations and payment system to individuals used in casinos and so on slot machines. It’s clearly scratching exactly the same itch for many gamers.
    Instead of relying on the experience sales, EA rakes inside cash with Ultimate Team in Madden, FIFA and NHL games.
    In early 2016 EA CFO Madden Overdrive Coins for sale Blake Jorgensen told investors that Ultimate Team landed $650 million dollars of revenue, almost half in the money EA made out of extra game content. In early 2017 EA shared that number jumped to $800 million.