MyWorldGo Path of Exile Looks to Player Retention, New Game Updates

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  • Synthetic player retention

    For a long time, Synthesis has become one of the most difficult player drop rates. Without any real numbers, it feels as easy as Bestiary. This is due to various factors. The first is that the current league content is confusing and difficult to interact with at the time of launch. Since then they have made a lot of changes to the system, making the players more friendly and rewarding, but many players refused to return.

    A large part of this is due to the difficulty of working with the Synthesis system. Once you understand the file system, it's quite easy. But understand how it works together. Those who are already frustrated with the first iteration will not want to work. Interestingly, I have lost two of the four friends I played with, except for POE Currency the troubles of the Alliance Technician. I tried to explain how it works now, but they encountered such a bad experience for the first time that they no longer use it in the current state, I can't completely blame them.

    The item itself is even worse. Once you understand how to manipulate nexus and tiles, the memory becomes very beneficial. Personally, I think they are also very interesting. In other words, broken items are just boring at best. I don't ignore them like many players, but I started to think I should do this.

    So far, I have played 100 characters, and there are 4 to more than 90 characters, as long as it is available, they will perform normal mapping and Buy POE Currency nexus content. I have more than 70 nexus bosses killed. During that time, I only found about three pieces worth breaking, picking up and identifying every precious base and all the jewelry. This only runs level 83 content. Even if you understand the system, it won't be pleasant, because the drop rate of useful equipment is very low.

    For those who don't, it's just a confusing system where you put three bad items into the synthesizer and quite a crappy item. Enjoyment does not exist. Except for a few craftsmen, no one has any profit margins.