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  • In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, balloons are something players tend to hunt when they are fine. It is possible to get a gift after we shoot it down with a slingshot. So hope this can help you.

    Balloon gift
    The hottest time of the balloon is undoubted during some activities. For example, the balloons in the winter theme have the opportunity to get winter DIY recipes. Players can only get it from balloons, so this is undoubtedly the case of the whole game capturing balloons. Of course, players will not let off the balloons on the island in normal times. Players can get ACNH Bells or ACNH Items and furniture from the downed balloons.

    Balloon classification
    Knowing that you can get gifts, you also need to know that the balloons have a total of 4 colors. Yellow has the best chance of getting bells. But there will also be furniture and clothing falling. Blue balloons are more likely to obtain materials, especially various clay iron blocks. It seems unlikely to get DIY recipes. The green balloon is like green representing the average. Except for a small chance, no bells will be dropped. The possibilities for clothing and furniture and recipes are similar. The red balloon will be more likely to get furniture rewards.

    The creation of the balloon
    The balloon will often fly from one side of the island to the other and then repeat. Every day from 6 am to 6 pm is the time players can look for. It will appear every ten minutes. Generated when the mantissa of the time is 4 and 9, respectively. So remember to watch the time when breeding or fishing on the beach.

    Get the balloon
    Balloons are generally shot down with a slingshot, but when there is no slingshot, it is recommended to stand tall and use a bug net to catch them. Scan the horizon, according to the sound and direction of the wind, you can know if there are balloons nearby. It is also convenient for you to find.

    Like those Buy ACNH Items players, players capture balloons to obtain desired items. Then you can design your own island to look good and upgrade the island to have fun in the game. Even share screenshots of the game on social media to show off and show off your talents.