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  • Posted On : Mar 26, 2021
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  • Description : The game platform Steam prohibits the release of Super Seducer 3. Why is Super Seducer 3 banned from using steam?


  • Recently, a promotional video for the controversial pickup artist game Super Temptation 3 has been released on the Internet, and many fans are excited to learn about them. But news has surfaced in recent days that Valve, the most popular computer game developer in the United States, has refused to approve the controversial game on Steam.

    Super Seducer 3 La Ruina, who claims to be the world's top pickup artist, described the Super Seducer series in news materials as a humorous full-motion video game played in a place of learning attraction. The store has not been affected, and players can still Buy Cheap Steam Level Up. In the Super Seducer 3 game, players start to choose their adventure-style dialogue and shoot with the actors.

    Super Seducer 3 shows players the highest result of the choices they make. In an online interview, he said that his gaming experience is to help men who are very shy, introverted, and unwilling to interact with women.

    Richard La Ruina said in a tweet posted on March 21 that we not only rejected the unambiguous version of Super Seducer 3, Steam but also reviewed it. Players need help in the game, so most players like Buy Fast Steam Level Service. The specific details of the final rejection were not released.

    The report also revealed that the third free demo of the game was shown together with the Steam Games Festival last month. Since the release of this action has been blocked, the release date of Super Seducer 3 is currently not available.