MyWorldGo Animal Crossing: New Horizons players' opinions on saving files

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  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to share islands with several friends or family members. But when one of them abandons the game, some save files will be left to the user, which may be an obstacle, preventing the player from moving forward.

    Let's take a look at the story left by the players after sharing.

    A player plans to play on the island with his partner. The girls are responsible for logistics, such as acquiring the best villagers, trading carrots, and unlocking Nook Miles Tickets upgrades. There is also the task of earning Animal Crossing Bells to repay the mortgage. The boys took care of the aesthetics and the overall layout of the island. But after the honeymoon period, the girls quit the game. It seemed impossible for him to move on. He has no right to switch accounts to build bridges or ramps.

    So some players will very much want to delete the tents left on their islands. That will be a very happy thing. You can see this sharing on Twitter.

    Of course, authorized players can continue to operate, and even use the added account to obtain additional recipes from Celeste, or use the additional storage space in the abandoned house. For example, the player below.

    A player said that his nephew has a home on his island, but the nephew hasn't bought games for a year. Then log in to their account to collect DIY for them, learn some DIY, and prevent them from logging in to the game again without having to play content. Special event items will also be collected for them. Such as Halloween clothes, fishing game items. Find villagers for them, take care of them, and build houses for them. Build gyms, gardens, and terraces next to my nephew's home.

    The couple above may place colorful balloons or toys outside the girl's house, and make some romantic gestures. The same thing can be seen only if you have logged out of the girl's login account.

    After all, players in the real world may have their own business to be busy. It is also possible to not log in or give up the game for a long time. Especially between couples, if they break up, the shared house is really an obstacle. Not only have to delete the contact information, but also the shared parts in the game in the future.

    Will you share your island with other players? What will you do if the player quits? In short, it is still Buy Animal Crossing NMT, design a beautiful island! Maybe your design will make them return to the game and back to your home.