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  • Animal Crossing: There are nearly 400 villagers in New Horizons. They are basically designed by animals as prototypes, or by people with different personalities. It has its own personality, name, and gender, all of which are very cute or have individual designs. Every player should have their favorite villagers. See if our hobbies are the same!

    Bob is usually a cat villager who may have appeared in most Animal Crossing games up to now. After nearly twenty years, fans carry on and enjoy this loveable purple kitty. Believed to be the primary Animal Crossing villager ever created by his ID number and birthday of January 1, Bob's silly face and lazy personality are two great ingredients for just a delightful recipe. His goofy catchphrase, "pthhpth," is only icing for the cake.

    Starting off of the list will be the octopus villager, Zucker. Based on the popular Japanese snack takoyaki-a fried octopus ball-this lazy villager originates from slightly morbid origins. Still, he's turned into a fan favorite since he has been available since Animal Crossing: New Leaf in 2012. Known for his adorable catchphrase, "bloop," Zucker could be the better villager by fans.

    With only three octopus villagers in New Horizons, it's surprising that two make it within this list. However, Marina's rarity in species and sweet demeanor tend to make an obvious choice. This normal type's initial catchphrase, "blurp," may seem a little silly originating from such a cutie, just about all arguably increases her charm.

    The most preferred Animal Crossing villager shouldn't come just as much surprise. The only smug-type squirrel, Marshal had also been introduced in New Leaf, and fans cannot get consequently him. His "sulky" catchphrase matches his emo-esque exterior. Placing this type of devious look on his marshmallow-like body makes him irresistible to several players. Averaging over 246,000 monthly Google searches, this cutie-pie's popularity largely derives from his sassy yet charming attitude. Marshal has maintained an increased status among Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans ever since the game released in March 2020.

    "Boing!," as she's able to say. Coco will be the only rabbit villager using a normal personality type. Sweet as she's, some fans find Coco's eyeless stare a little bit unnerving. Her appearance, a lot like gyroids, resembles haniwas- clay funerary sculptures which were traditionally buried while using deadly in ancient Japan. Despite her eerie facade, Coco's warm personality and distinct look have earned her a location in the hearts of countless Animal Crossing fans. Just like the beautiful Animal Crossing Bells.

    Communication with villagers is a common way for us to obtain DIY recipes. After all, we need a lot of ACNH Items. Although there will be a habit of Buy Animal Crossing Bells, there are also some players who consider accumulating currency as an interesting thing. I don't know if there are any villagers you like the most.