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  • Description : The sofa bed market might seem straightforward if you glance at it briefly. For the uninitiated, a sofabed is just a sofa that doubles up as a bed - or the other way around.


  •   The sofa bed market might seem straightforward if you glance at it briefly. For the uninitiated, a sofabed is just a sofa that doubles up as a bed - or the other way around.

      But when you explore a little deeper, you find that things aren't as simple as you first imagined. It turns out that there are many types of metal sofa bed wholesales & Futons with a much more diverse product range than you may have expected. There are two-seater sofabeds, three-seater sofabeds, velvet sofa beds, and even sofa beds that fit neatly into a corner - not to mention all the different trending sofa colours available.

      You will also discover that there is a technical difference between a sofabed and a futon - two terms that people use interchangeably. A futon, like a sofabed, can switch between different modes. But unlike a sofabed, it doesn’t have separate cushions. Instead, the mattress takes on that role when folded into the sofa position and then resumes its normal function in bed mode. Therefore, futons tend to be more prevalent among people who want to keep the space tidy.

      Let’s take a look at each type of sofa bed in detail so you can get a better idea of the incredible options out there.


      A two-seater sofa bed is a small compact design primarily for studio accommodation and apartments or even as an additional piece of furniture in bedrooms. It’ll fit one person comfortably, but two might be a bit of a squeeze. You will see this type more regularly available to buy.


      Three seater sofa beds provide more space to accommodate two sleepers comfortably. You usually find these in larger rooms. Some people will even use them as their primary bed. Otherwise, they make an excellent option for guests who are staying in your living room.


      This type of sofa bed differs not only in size but also in how they transform from couch to bed and back again. With a click-clack version, you start by lifting the structure under the seating cushions. The whole contraption then tilts back, including the back, and lays flat. Then you click the mattress into position, and you have an instant flat sleeping surface.


      The Foam Fold-out versions feature a seat that is essentially just a folded-over section of mattress. To convert from couch to bed, you unfurl the foam seating segment, and you’re done. Foam fold out sofa beds are popular because guests don’t need coaching to set them up or put them away.


      Everyone's favourite, corner sofa beds are the coolest looking version and the most popular type amongst all that practically makes use of tight spaces in your rooms and generally offers a lot more sleeping space once converted into a bed. Usually, they are L-shaped sofas available in both left or right facing leg extension and the seats that don’t have the extension can be pulled out entirely that turns the entire piece of furniture into a large spacious bed.


      These larger style and more practical sofa beds do two things at once: provide you with storage and offer extra bedding space when you need it. You can also get futons in corner shaped where the cushions double up as the mattress. A sofabed with storage is an excellent addition for bijou homes with limited space


      A-frame sofabeds work similarly to the fold out version, except this time, you make the bed by unfurling the back, not the seat. The “A-frame” refers to the structure that supports the folded out section. It ensures that it is the same height as the seating section when in couch mode.


      The user converts a pull-out and lifts bed by pulling out an extendable trolley from under the seats, bringing them (and all the cushions) outwards and upwards. Platform and trundle sofa beds work similarly. All these options allow you to avoid any worry about cushions or rearranging. Just add some bedding and pillows, and you’re done.


      The three-fold roll out version stores the mattress under the cushions. You remove the cushions and then pull on the mattress. The mechanism then unfolds into a light, flat bed, supported by retractable legs.


      This type of sofa bed is among the most sophisticated that you can buy. The way they work is deceptively simple. All you need to do is pull the frame out in one simple motion, and then the mechanism will do the rest (including folding away the sofa cushions). A 1-part metal action in leather is usually classed as premium alternative.


      As you might be able to guess from the name, 3-part metal action sofa beds require three separate movements to transform them from couch mode to bed mode. All you do is remove the seat cushions and then fold out the mattress. This type of bed is suitable for frequent use.

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