MyWorldGo Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Unlock character customization

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  • The word design in Animal Crossing: New Horizons runs through the entire game. From the beginning of the game, we need to customize the appearance of our characters. Whether it is gender, hairstyle, skin color, or clothing, we all need to choose.

    The choice before the start of the game, after all, is limited by a few types. But when we make some game items on the island, the situation may start to change.

    On the fifth day of the island, whether you have villagers, recipes, or encounter mysterious balloon prizes, you will get the wardrobe recipes provided by Tom Nook. Unlike those temporary wardrobes, you can have a complete wardrobe UI option to change clothes.

    Of course, to change the face shape, gender, and skin tone, you need to find the mirror recipe in the furniture recipes provided by Tom Nook.

    You can get up to 16 hairstyles in Redeem Nook Miles at Nook Stop. And there are many colors, just use Nook Miles to unlock. The most thing is that you can also use ACNH Bells to buy wigs in a tailor shop.

    The tailor shop also has facial hair, suitable for male players who like it. Just consult the tailor again to see all types.

    The reason most players Buy Animal Crossing Bells is to get more items for the innovation and design of the island. Design your character to be more consistent with the style of the island, and you can get beautiful screenshots of the game. Of course, you may want to unlock a magic wand to change clothes at any time.