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  • Description : If you're new to MUT 21, you've probably noticed the importance of Coins in this football game. MUT Coins is the basic unit of currency in the MUT 21. Coins are essential if you want to


  • If you're new to MUT 21, you've probably noticed the importance of Coins in this football game. MUT Coins is the basic unit of currency in the MUT 21. Coins are essential if you want to have your favorite player or if you want to get the ideal player by opening packs. But for those of you unfamiliar with game operations, you'll be interested in how to get Coins quickly.


    The rewards here are not repeatable, but the small coins they provide will quickly accumulate. Most challenges only need to win a few Matches, which means you can eliminate many problems in one MUT League.

    They also have added benefit of often making you strive for durable cards. Glove Challenge The ultimate challenge is a good example. Collect 100 of the 150 stars, and you will get 89 OVR players, such as Devin White, or Derwin James. These cards cannot be auctioned.

    After completing 150 stars, you will receive seven new cards and 50K coins as rewards, as well as 100–350 coins for each actor. Grinding is real, but so is the Reward. You will soon have an inventory that will allow you to buy packaging or win your favorite players in the auction house.

    Solo Battles

    Let’s start with the “Solo Battles,” as if you performed well in these Battles, then you can also get Trophies currency. Each week there is a new AI control team for you to fight with the squad and get useful rewards.

    You can choose the difficulty level. A lower difficulty level will result in a lower battle score, so it is essential to find the level. Winning every game is the key, so make sure you choose the level with confidence to succeed.

    Opponents refresh every few days, so don’t focus on trying to win 200K points in 5 games. You will get 1K gold coins to win the game, and as the record improves, you will get a generous return. If you ensure that you can play the full game every week, then you should be able to enter the All-Star Game rewards, which will give you Provides 30K coins for rewards, as well as 30 x trophies and some openable backpacks.

    Sell Your Players Off Via Auction

    If you’re looking to think out of the box and earn more coins in Madden 18 in a rather innovative way, you can auction your players off. It might not make sense, since your goal, of course, is to have an impressive roster that could smoke the competition, but you may have some solid players (though not necessarily superstar-level players) whom you can sell off in hopes of having other people overpay for them. Why, well, that’s because Madden 18 has just been released, which means you’ll encounter a higher percentage than normal of players who want to build their team as quickly as possible.

    Take note of the players whom you’re not planning to use, or no longer use, and take their rarity into account. Typically, you want to auction off Silver or Gold players, but there might be some Elites out there whom you don’t see any need for on your roster. Take advantage of the fact that Madden 18 is still new, but remember that this might not always be a good way to earn some MUT coins. Make sure to weigh the need to improve your team with future acquisitions against the prospect of losing a player or two in the process.

    The Playbook Selling Trick

    Another great, out-of-the-box way of earning more coins in Madden 18 is by getting Silver Team Tokens, then transforming them into playbooks and/or stadiums. At the moment, it’s the playbooks in particular that are fetching a high amount of money, so if you try this simple trick out for yourself, you could end up doubling your MUT coins before you know it.

    Auction House and Trade

    You need to study the auction house like it's the real-life stock market. You want to find great deals on cards whether you want to actually use the card or not, grab it, and notice when players are selling higher or lower than they normally would. find cards that are going cheap (perhaps at dead times during the day), and then flip them for a higher price via Buy Now.

    Don't sell yourself short and give away a card for cheap to make some quick coin. Always go for bargain bids, and then flip them for a profit.

    Popular players are generally overpriced like Baker Mayfield. So you can use some cheaper, lesser-known, but just as good players that you can use in your team instead.

    That's all the methods of farming Madden 21 Coins in Madden NFL 21. I hope all Madden NFL gamers can get an improved gaming practical experience. If you really don't want to take the time to grind yourself out MUT coins, you can Buy Madden 21 Coins at