MyWorldGo World of Warcraft classic players believe that some features are wrong

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  • The classic, obtaining the World of Warcraft exposure to incomplete vanilla, but close enough, is now in a closed beta phase, and players are enjoying spells and riding mounts like 2005. It causes the player's memories.

    However, as Blizzard stated in an article, "The essence of Warcraft classics sometimes brings different memories to be able to players, which results in misunderstandings or misunderstandings of certain people's expectations of something."

    The result - perhaps to seize a lot of bug reports landing within the desktop - Blizzard released a non-bug list - that may be, their list of commonly reported gameplays in WoW Classic is in fact not a bug, so when Blizzard expects.

    For people that return to World of Warcraft about the same day, this list works extremely well as a memory channel trip, and also, since it is awake, these are the same part.

    My personal favorites include "The Tauren's batters, whose melee range is slightly greater than other races" - those bloody Tauren would be the bane of my night elf's life! - "Fearing players and NPCs running fast" - I am afraid to be a group of angry monsters - and, "Standing when in front of other players, while allowing the utilization of spells and attacks."

    The rest of this list highlights World of Warcraft's progress in usability and graphical user interface. I am eager for playing World of Warcraft Classics are going to be an incredible, nostalgic drive to your travel lane when I start playing it, but I also expect that soon I will find something better from the mid-2000s. We are all very looking forward to the Warcraft Classic.