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  • Fraser: Flying was the best hook an expansion may have, and Burning Crusade had a lot of others. Outland would have been a shattered alien world brimming with bizarre locations and demonic armies, all waiting on the other hand of the Dark Portal we’d been waiting to peek through forever. It was great. Now my heart sinks if I need to make a trip back there, having its obnoxiously huge and empty areas made to be flown over as opposed to explored. When I'm playing through Burning Crusade now, I'm just waiting to access Northrend. If WOW Classic Items does open the Portal and kick us into Hellfire Peninsula, I only hope it's actually a stop on the way to the best WoW expansion.

    Bo: For me, Burning Crusade was the pinnacle of WoW. Sure the maps were huge and empty, even so, the game at level 70 holds my fondest memories. I spent the initial half from the expansion pouring myself in the newly invigorated PvP experience, with thanks to the addition on the 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 PvP arena format. Later from the expac's lifetime, I transitioned into hardcore raiding, which would be a much more pleasant experience at 10/25-player parties rather than vanilla WoW's gargantuan 20/40-player groups.

    In short, Burning Crusade would be the "classic" experience I'm actually enthusiastic about. It's the time when lots of vanilla WoW's quirks WOW Classic Boosting ended up working out, some cool features ended up added, along with the game had been young enough so it wasn't yet over-involved by the things which make people desire a classic edition in the very first place.

    Fraser: Arena may be the most terrifying section of WoW personally. It reveals the best way terrible I am at PvP. I think I tried a 2v2 fight once during Burning Crusade and never again for decades. If I’m teaming on top of people, it’s had reached be in a huge group so I can hide my failings more efficiently.