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  • WoW TBC Classic won't be exactly like The Burning Crusade was back then. The developers made a few changes - some for more comfortable gaming, some for balance.

    TBC Classic should appear exactly as The Burning Crusade was 14 years ago.

    Some players demand under the tag #NoChanges that even old errors and problems are taken over.
    At least other players have nothing against #SomeChanges, as long as the core of the game is kept.
    The final group, which I am a part of, is partly of the opinion that most people wouldn't enjoy the old version at all if it wasn't polished. That, together with the experience from the last 14 years in WoW, leads me to the conclusion: A lot of the changes are really good.

    3 changes that TBC Classic is doing better than before

    What kind of changes are these? As with WoW Classic, there will also be changes in TBC Classic that differ from the original version. This ranges from small but useful adjustments such as more visible nameplates to skills that were not part of the game in the past.

    I don't want to go into all of the changes here, but I definitely welcome three of the differences that are coming or even have already appeared. I'll go even further and say: Blizzard could change a few more things, a few small details that would make the game a lot more enjoyable.

    Larger arena teams

    What's the change? In the past, the size of arena teams was limited to the list the team played on. In 2v2 arenas, only two players were allowed on the team. With TBC Classic this limit is increased, there can be twice as many players on the team as the list in which they play - i.e. around four players in a team of two.

    Why is that good? The change has two advantages: Firstly, access to the arena is easier, and secondly, player failures are no longer so serious. If it used to be that someone couldn't gamble for a while, the whole team was on hold.

    Now that is no longer the case, after all, you have substitute players. In addition, less experienced players are more likely to have a chance to learn a little from better players. When the team is bigger, not everyone necessarily wants to have the absolute professionals in their group.

    It is more likely that you can visit the arena with less rating and PvP experience. A reason for me to definitely take a closer look at PvP - something that I absolutely neglected in the past.

    Paladins get more seals

    What's the change? In Burning Crusade, paladins had a seal that was only available to their faction. With the Horde it was the seal of blood, with the Alliance it was the seal of retribution.

    Seals are spells that paladins use to reinforce themselves and then unleash them with a judgment. They are the most important tools for the class to use in all sorts of situations.

    These seals are now released in TBC Classic for both factions from level 70. All paladins have access to the seal of blood ("the martyr" in the Alliance) and the seal of retribution ("the corruption" in the Horde). This change actually only came with WotLK.

    Why is that good? The Seal of Blood is the significantly stronger of the two seals, which is why Horde paladins in TBC were more powerful than those of the Alliance. This is also due to the significantly stronger race bonus of the blood elves, but the seals had a great influence on the balance here.

    As an Allianz player, I welcome being as strong as my Horde colleagues. Paladin is one of the classes that I really want to play and I'm glad that I don't have to play the weaker version of my class in the faction that is probably less represented anyway.

    A (single) character boost

    What's the change? The Digital Deluxe Edition and the Dark Portal Pass were introduced with the pre-patch for Burning Crusade. These include a character boost at level 58, which can be used once per account and can only be purchased once.

    In the past, characters had to be laboriously played up. Today it is possible to get at least one of the characters ready for Outland, which can be visited from level 58.

    Why is that good? TBC Classic Boosting is a lengthy process in Classic and Burning Crusade as well. Over an hour per step is not uncommon in many areas, both in Classic areas and later in Outland. If you don't have two straight weeks off before the release, it will be hard to get a character ready for Burning Crusade. So you can buy WoW Classic TBC Power Leveling to save your time.