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  • Posted On : May 28, 2021
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  • Description : sticky sublimation paper has a wide range of applications, such as cups, hats, scarves, printing, textiles and other industries.


  • sticky sublimation paper has a wide range of applications, such as cups, hats, scarves, printing, textiles and other industries. Before entering the dye sublimation industry and buying dye sublimation, you must understand the dye sublimation paper. The following five steps will take you quickly to understand sublimation paper.


    1. What is sublimation transfer paper?


    Dye-sublimation transfer paper is a special paper specially used for dye-sublimation printing. It is made from a paper substrate that is usually based on plain paper. The special paint added to the paper can hold the dye sublimation ink.


    1. How to use sublimation paper?


    First, you need to select the picture to be printed, and then choose whether the sublimation paper to be printed is large or small. Use the printer to print the pattern on the sublimation paper. After the ink is dry, you can choose a hot press for transfer. Place the sublimation paper on the fabric (usually polyester fabric), select the temperature and time, and the transfer is completed.


    1. Which side of the sublimation paper is on the right side of the printed matter?


    When deciding which side to print on the sublimation transfer paper, it is important to print the design on the bright white side. You will find that the color on the sublimation paper looks very pale. This is completely normal, not the appearance of a finished printer. Once transferred to your media, your colors will come to life! Compared with transfer printing, another advantage of sublimation is a larger color range.


    1. Why can't the sublimation transfer paper be used on all printers?


    The recommended paper type that comes with the printer is there for a reason, because different papers do different things. Not only because of the way the sublimation paper is constructed, all printers can use it. There is a reason why the printer comes with a recommended paper type. For sublimation paper, it is this paper that can maintain the printing effect on the page. The sublimation ink becomes a gas, which is then pressed into the paper to form permanent, highly detailed marks.


    The truth is that many printers do not have printhead or ink cartridge options available for the sublimation process. Therefore, not all printers can handle it.


    1. Can the sublimation heat transfer paper be reused?


    No matter which type you use, you cannot reuse inkjet sublimation transfer paper. Although using sublimation paper, you may find that some ink remains on the paper, but this is not enough to produce high-quality printing paper. When using transfer paper, the heat of the iron will melt the plastic lining on the paper, thereby transferring the ink and plastic from the paper to the fabric. This will not be reused.


    1. How does Shenghua transfer print jobs?


    Sublimation does not use any type of fluid in doing so. The ink is directly converted into gas from the solid heating on the sublimation paper. This is a printing method that is bonded to polyfibers, and since the polyfibers have actually been heated, the holes become wider. These open pores then allow gas to enter them and then integrate into the textile itself before regaining its solid state. This makes the ink composition of the fiber itself, not just the layer printed on the top.