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  • Posted On : Jun 07, 2021
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  • Description : Instead of BBQ sauce causing food to stick and become mangled or burnt, it will flip over easily to remain intact, and cook to perfection


  • Txyicheng Non-stick BBQ Grill Mesh Mat are perfect when cooking at home, and also ideal for cookouts in parks and campgrounds to provide an instantly clean surface to cook on.

    With one of these mats down, you can prepare a full breakfast in a matter of minutes.

    They are totally washable and reusable. Almost like a thin, flexible pan, they are made from fiberglass fabric coated PTFE (Teflon) similar to what is used for non-stick pots and pans. This means that you can cook without oils, and cleaning up is simple because everything will slide right off.

    Instead of BBQ sauce causing food to stick and become mangled or burnt, it will flip over easily to remain intact, and cook to perfection.

    This results in better tasting food, but also makes cleaning up afterward far easier and less time consuming. It will not retain or transfer tastes or odors between uses.

    Why more and more people became choosing TongXiang Yicheng BBQ Grill Mesh Mat?


    Non-stick BBQ grill mat prevent even the smallest morsels from falling through the grates. Reusable up to 2,000 times.But the color of BBQ Grill Mesh will not change after many times.


    These barbecue cooking mats which are made of heat-resistant technologically advanced materials that look similar to a plastic mat, however, it will not burn. These barbecue smoker mats are heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit!


    These premium BBQ grill mat are dishwasher safe. You don't need to clean sink full of cooking mats anymore after preparing a delicious BBQ party meal. Enjoy your kitchen from now on!


    Can be rolled up to fit in a drawer or cabinet for easy storage, For use in oven and microwave, Don't contact with open fire directly


    The mesh passes more smoke through, getting more flavor to your cooking


    The grill mat is dishwasher safe and the non-stick surface keeps your grill clean!


    grill mat prevents small or breakable food from falling down the grill grates

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