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  • Posted On : Jun 10, 2021
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  • Description : Are you planning to get teeth extraction and have dentures on the same day? If yes, this guide will answer your concerns about immediate dentures.
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  • Are you planning to get teeth extraction and have dentures on the same day? If yes, this guide will answer your concerns about immediate dentures. Learning about same-day dentures will empower you to make the best decision about your oral health with confidence!

    Same-day dentures can help you maintain a beautiful smile with no stress or anxiety. However, same-day extractions and immediate dentures are not for everyone. Let’s find out how the process works and get the best denture results possible.

    Teeth Extractions and Dentures in the Same Day

    Same-day dentures are also referred to as immediate dentures. This means that you can get a partial or full denture procedure on the same day you pulled out your tooth. The primary purpose of this procedure is that you never have to go without your vibrant smile.

    Is this even possible? Yes, it is! Thanks to modern dentistry, you can wear your dentures on the same day since your immediate dentures are ready to use right after you have an extraction procedure. How does it work? It’s straightforward. Your dentist measures your teeth and jaw before your tooth extraction. With the information collected before extraction, your dentist can prepare your immediate dentures. After that, you can proceed with your teeth extraction procedure.

    What Are Immediate Dentures?

    Immediate dentures (also known as same-day dentures) are ready to wear immediately after your tooth extraction procedure. The main idea behind this procedure is to help you talk and smile confidently as soon as you leave your dentist’s office. Say goodbye to long waiting periods while keeping your smile hidden!

    Moreover, immediate dentures allow you to eat real food. Enjoy the freedom of choice you always enjoyed without waiting for your regular dentures to be prepared and implanted. No more anxiety from the thought of going out without your teeth for weeks or even months!

    Immediate dentures are worth considering!

    How Long Does It Take to Get Immediate Dentures?

    It can take weeks or even a month or more to get your immediate dentures. There are many factors to consider. Your dentist has to assess your unique oral health and determine whether you’re the right candidate. So the best way to find out about the procedure’s duration is to consult with your preferred dentist.

    The entire process of tooth extraction and immediate denture placement typically takes up to a month. This is because your dentist has to consult your unique oral condition and then create your immediate dentures. This can take time. The dentist will measure your mouth and jaw before developing your dentures. After that, your dentist will start creating your immediate dentures based on the shape and size of your jaw and mouth.

    But the good news is that you can wear your new teeth right after the extraction once your dentures are ready. With no delays, you’ll be happy to eat, laugh, and smile!

    That said, make sure you consult your dentist or oral surgeon before having same-day dentures.

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