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  • Posted By : Changshu Dongfang
  • Posted On : Jun 24, 2021
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  • Description : We prepare a blanket at home, in the car, and even in many places.
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  • We prepare a blanket at home, in the car, and even in many places. However, there are many types of blankets, and it is more difficult for us to choose. Today I recommend the flannel fleece blanket sold by the flannel fleece blanket manufacturer .

    Wool blankets are relatively thinner than ordinary quilts, and their raw materials, wool blanket weaving methods, and density are important indicators that affect their warmth retention.

    Cashmere grows on goats and wool grows on sheep. Cashmere has a higher degree of curl and is more fluffy. Compared with wool, it has better warmth retention. Both have a soft hand feel and better warmth retention than ordinary blankets. At the same time, it does not shrink when washed. But be careful not to wash it in water or expose it to the sun as much as possible. If it is dirty, it should be sent to a dry cleaner for cleaning.

    Flannel fabrics are usually woolen fabrics, which can be mixed with wool and loose fiber dyeing process to form a blanket with better texture, comfort, warmth retention, and good decorative effect.

    The flannel jacquard two-tone fabric sold by flannel jacquard two-tone fabric manufacturer can also be a good blanket fabric.