MyWorldGo Enamel Aluminum Wire With Good Market Prospects

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  • Description : Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire and Enameled Aluminum Wire have good market prospects


  • Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire and Enameled Aluminum Wire have good market prospects.Aluminum as a winding core was once more common, and all enameled aluminum wire plants in the country produce enamelled aluminum wire. However, aluminum conductors have inherently high resistivity, low tensile strength, and are difficult to process because they are difficult to overcome. Due to welding and welding defects, the gap between copper prices and aluminum prices at that time was very small. As a result, aluminum as an enameled wire gradually withdrew from the stage of history, and few manufacturers in China did it.

    The aluminum wire as a conductor of the enameled aluminum wire is different from the copper wire in processing and has its own special difficulties. In the drawing process, due to its low tensile strength, it is easy to break the wire in the drawing process, and the hardness and wear resistance are not as good as copper, so the surface is easy to be scratched. The enameled wire of the surface coating often has many bright spots. Dew point and so on.

    Although the above measures were taken during the drawing process, the relatively clean surface of the Enameled Aluminum Wire was drawn, but the surface still had oil stains and aluminum powder and could not meet the requirements of the coating paint. In the coating process, the use of traditional felt scrubbing, paper scrubbing, water washing can not achieve the desired cleaning effect. Therefore, before painting, it is necessary to add efficient cleaning devices and special cleaning agents to meet the requirements for cleaning aluminum conductors before painting. In order to solve the long-term problems of aluminum enameled aluminum wire due to the surface of the aluminum conductor oil, aluminum powder is not completely clean the surface of the enameled wire beads, exposed aluminum, bright spots and other quality problems.

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