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  • Posted On : Jun 24, 2019
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  • Description : Path of Exile: Legion Challenge Alliance


  • The story of this expansion is concentrated on five famous generals and their vast army. Although they came from different eras in 2000, they fought each other in the field of eternal conflict. This is the scene set by the game, you summon them to another dimension and start cutting them in the name of loot.

    You will find that each Legion Challenge Alliance area contains a huge stone. Give it a jingle, the two armies will suddenly appear, stop and lock the conflict in time. You have a short time to destroy these monsters, which will make them disappear from the eternal conflict zone. Once the time is up, the marked monster will resume the battle. However, for wise people, these monsters will give priority to their enemies.

    Advanced players face more monsters, but more POE Currency are available as a reward - the best is indicated by a symbolized object. In addition to the ocean of beasts, the main dilemma is whether the risk of plundering more spoils is worthwhile.

    The monsters in the Legion League drop the pieces and combine to form a badge, which represents the region from which they came. There are five different legions, and you need to make a mixed logo to enter the final stage of the challenge league.

    Once you have your badge, you can put them in a four-slot map device and open a portal to the permanent conflict area. Then you will fight against the army in the two legions that correspond to the relevant badges. If you are brave, you can increase the challenge and plunder your potential by adding more than two logos. After success, you can get a good POE Orbs.

    In addition, an unlockable item for the alliance is a device that allows the map to occupy five locations. This way you can add a badge from each legion and grab more loot if you survive.