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  • Description : From the beginning, cordless trimmers are easier to operate than pneumatic trimmers because there is no need to mix fuel, and there is no need to spend time and effort to pull the rope. In addition, there are some other factors that will help determine how easy the tool is to operate.


  • From the beginning, cordless trimmers are easier to operate than pneumatic trimmers because there is no need to mix fuel, and there is no need to spend time and effort to pull the rope. In addition, there are some other factors that will help determine how easy the tool is to operate.

    When buying a power grass trimmer , keep in mind the size of your yard, how often you use the tool, and who actually trims it. The following main considerations will help you choose the model that suits your needs.

    Feed type
    The type of feed is related to how the tool releases additional trim lines when worn and broken during use. Backup is a collision feed where the user hits the bottom of the trimmer (the area where the spool connects) on the ground to release a few inches of thread.

    Some newer models have automatic feed sensors that can measure the length of the string and release more when needed. Nevertheless, others still have a button to release more lines. The automatic and button feed eliminates the need to hit the spool, which reduces the risk of damage if the hit is too strong, but many commercial types of trimmers still use the impact feed because it is fast and simple.

    Crankshaft and straight shaft
    Some string trimmers are characterized by a straight shaft extending from the head to the end of the trimmer, while other models have a sharp curve about two-thirds down. Bent shaft trimmers are generally easier to operate because the end of the spool has been placed at a convenient angle to cut weeds.

    Straight shaft trimmers can usually use interchangeable tools, such as a tree trimmer head, which can be replaced according to what you want to trim. Generally speaking, straight shaft trimmers are more suitable for users who are at least 6 feet tall, while users with short statures can benefit from curved shaft trimmers.

    Trim width
    The trim width, also called "strip width", indicates how wide the path the trimmer cuts in a single pass through the weeds. Many models on the market today have strip widths of 10 to 18 inches. The tool specification is a factor that affects its efficiency.

    Please note that the wider the width, the more power the trimmer needs. This causes the trimmer to be heavier because it requires a larger and more powerful battery.

    Battery Type
    Running a string trimmer requires a lot of power. Most trimmers today use rechargeable lithium ion (Li-on) batteries, but a few use nickel cadmium (NiCad) batteries. Lithium batteries are more powerful, but nickel-cadmium batteries are cheaper. Lithium batteries are also smaller and take longer to charge.

    NiCad batteries have a "memory effect", which means that if the battery is used before it is fully charged-or charged before it runs out-it will remember the charge level and will not keep charging for longer in the future.

    If you choose a trimmer equipped with nickel-cadmium batteries, fully charge it before use and drain it completely before charging, you will get the best results. For most users, a trimmer with a lithium battery will be the best choice.

    In addition to the battery type, the operating power of the battery (in volts) must also be considered. The average power of today's rechargeable string trimmer batteries ranges from 18 volts to 60 volts; smaller yards usually require lower voltage tools, while larger lawns require more power to handle larger areas.

    The battery at the lower end of the voltage scale is sufficient to power many trimmers, and one or two batteries are usually included as part of the kit. More powerful high-end batteries are usually used for commercial purposes and are more expensive. These trimmers are usually sold without batteries (or battery chargers) and must be purchased separately.

    In terms of noise pollution, battery-powered string trimmers have obvious advantages over gas-driven trimmers. The sound of the pneumatic trimmer is moderate, with an average sound of 90 decibels, which is roughly the same as the sound made by a motorcycle passing by a distance of 25 feet. In contrast, the sound of a cordless string trimmer is about 77 decibels, which is comparable to the loudness of music in the living room.

    Before picking up the thread trimmer, remember that the device is actually made to cut the tough cellulose plant fiber layer while hitting walls, rocks and other objects at high speed.

    Always operate the thread trimmer with appropriate precautions, and consider using products with built-in safety features, such as anti-chip devices, trigger switches, and padded handles to help reduce vibration.

    The debris guard is usually a semi-circular shell made of protective plastic and located around the trimmer head to protect the user from flying grass, dirt, rocks, and other debris. Even with guards, some flying grass will escape, which is why users need to wear safety glasses, long trousers and closed-toed shoes when working.
    The trigger switch is intentional d to prevent the trimmer from being turned on accidentally. This is a simple function that can lock the trigger unless the switch is held down. Press and hold the switch, the trigger can be used normally.
    The padded handles on the shaft and handle of the power tool help reduce vibration through the trimmer. Strong and continuous vibration can cause muscle fatigue and strain, but this kind of pad can protect the user's hand and make it easier to hold the trimmer.
    Additional functions
    For almost any device, manufacturers and innovators will provide additional features to improve their user tools. For string trimmers, these additional features include ergonomic handles, trimming tools and trimmer head attachments.

    The ergonomic handle makes it easier to hold and manipulate the rope trimmer, because the placement of strange handles may mean fighting the lengthened weight of the trimmer. The more the position of the handle is suitable for the natural movement of the human body, the easier the tool is to use, and the less chance of muscle fatigue and injury.
    Trimming tools are sometimes included as separate equipment in bundles with thread trimmers. However, some wire trimmers have built-in trimming tools that can be used to trim and trim lawns and gardens. These combined trimming and trimming tools are useful for small and medium-sized courtyards, but for families with larger courtyards, it may be better to invest in separate trimming tools.
    The trimmer head attachments can include saws and brush attachments. The saw is very suitable for cutting fallen sticks and thick brushes, but it should not be used for cutting logs or planks. By brushing the weeds and dirt back into the lawn or lawn bag, the trimmed brush attachment can quickly clear the sidewalk or driveway.
    Our first choice
    The best string trimmer should be durable, easy to use, and powerful enough to meet your personal weeding needs. The models in this list are most suitable for various landscapes and users.
    Or you want to buy telescopic pole saw, this tool will bring you a good experience.