MyWorldGo Three new characters in the MapleStory M update!

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    On January 24, 2019, MapleStory M, one of Nexon's most innovative mobile games, updated three new careers in the Explorer category with new project updates, branding systems, and system upgrades.

    Explore around Maple World and you'll find 3 new characters and 3 professional explorer styles. Shadower, Black Knife has excellent melee fighting skills and Hero will be able to use his arms with both hands. There is also a two-handed ax that can be Buy MS M Mesos considered a particularly powerful weapon to help players inflict more damage in combat. Arched Master (Ice and Lightning) The best spell in the Maple Leaf world focuses on defeating enemies with ice and lightning.

    - Added new system
    - Added the "Brand Enhancement" system. We can separate different parts of the Emblem trajectory on advanced equipment. And can also create more powerful badges
    - Added an "elevation" system where players must use advanced equipment. Used to be the starting material for the production or use of lifting stones, just like a component of the ascension process.

    There will also be special events. For players who want to shape 3 new characters, you can browse the details to get more rewards.

    New Game Updates - Players who log in Buy Maplestory M Mesos from now until January 31 will receive special gift sets including coupons, slot machine game characters, cars - battle tickets and mysterious weapons / Armor Stone

    Hero / Shadower / Arch Burning Event - When level 3 to level 75 is upgraded, level 2 and level 3 are immediately acquired when level 1 is collected! Today until February 20
    Hero / Shadower / Arch Mage (I / L) Growth Support - When upgrading 3 new characters (any class), you will receive a growth support box, including Red Draco, Flying mount pet, Master Explorer medal, Explorer flag chair and Items from now until February 20, 2019, people are more engaged in role development