MyWorldGo Path of Exile Update Version 1.15 Complete Patch Description (PS4, Xbox One)

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  • These are the next ones:
    Skill improvement
    Before you use all of your Seals, you still can't get animation cancellation skills that are supported by Unleash and have consumed Seals.
    If you have an object that repositions your character, such as an object that is completely in the scepter of God.
    Fixed a bug that POE Currency shortened the cooldown of the skill, such as a flicker strike or a vigilant strike, and sometimes it may take more than a few changes over a while. This is just an exhibition issue.
    Fixed a bug where some of Cyclone's effects were not correctly displayed with other players. This is a visual issue.

    Miscellaneous improvement
    Added 3D art to fractal ideas.
    Updated the 3D art of Invictus Solaris to match its original visuals more accurately.
    Updated the shine in the Phoenix Armor Set to Path of Exile Currency bring it closer to the original visuals.
    Updated Council role effects and Council weapon effects to be closer to the original visuals.
    If the map contains a Shaper's Stronghold, the Map Stash tab is displayed.
    Fixed an error that might not be able to use a correct step by using a life or mana bottle.
    Fixed the possibility of asynchronous transmission from the elders' encounters to various arenas.

    Crash repair
    Fixed a super crash when using Flicker Strike.
    Fixed a possible crash that can occur when you use a variety of melee skills (including flicker strikes) held by Melee Splash Support or Multiple Attack Support.
    Fixed a customer crash that could occur when a Legion monster became active.

    Now, the exile route of PS4, Xbox One and PC has been eliminated.