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  • Posted On : Jul 12, 2019
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  • The Path of Exile released version 3.7.0 updates, which may bring some interesting new changes and challenges. In addition to the new Challenge Alliance, the reform of the much-anticipated melee system has also brought a series of game changes and improvements.

    Of course, the highlight of the update will be the introduction of your new challenge alliance, which includes its own unique game implementation. The Legion Challenge Alliance introduces a grotesque but powerful boulder for your game that is randomly generated Path of Exile Currency as the player explores the overall game map. When you touch these boulder, it will tell you the ghosts of the ancient army, giving players the opportunity to fight these people, release their tortured souls and get good returns. One of the rewards is new to the Legion Challenge Alliance: Fragments, fragments of these mysterious boulders that players will use later into the eternal conflict zone.

    Undoubtedly, another major change is the most important difference in the update (because it affects all players, not just league players), it's just a melee reform. For a while, the developer Grinding Gear Games may be experimenting with various exile systems - for example, magic-based battles - and recently shifted its focus to POE Currency Buy combat in the game. Highlights of melee overhaul will be related to numbers and AoE, which may be provided in the full patch description linked below. However, developers also claim that their goal is to improve the "feel" of melee fighting.

    How do you see the new game mechanics and balance changes introduced by the Legion from the exiles? Have you ever participated in a new challenge league and met a mysterious boulders? What do you want to see in the upcoming update?