MyWorldGo Path of Exile: Who, among other people, has 0.31% of the players in the Legion?

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  • The road to exile provides players with the pleasure of using the current Legion Alliance because of the improved melee skills and simple alliance mechanics. Four weeks after the Legion's release, the developer has shown interesting insights into the player's achievements.

    More about the Path of Exile: the return of the Legion Challenge

    An important aspect of the "Path of Exile" alliance may be related to Buy POE Currency the difficulty of players entering different level challenges. Wraeclast's hard-working explorers will get unique outfits, including auras, helmets, pets or wings - these can only be used in leagues and are of great value. The chart shows the progress of the players so far:

    How many challenges do players have on the road to exile?
    18, 15% of players have mastered 12 challenges and unlocked the overall helmet
    2.65% of players have mastered 24 challenges and unlocked the overall aura.
    Only 0.31% of players have mastered 36 challenges and unlocked the giant stone wing.
    This chart details the progress of the players in the game, and others can use this chart to harvest valuable information.

    Despite the small number, many players in Path of Exile Currency the local area stressed that most of the alliance relies on luck, so this is very annoying for many players. For most people who actively seek alliance rewards until the end of the league, this is too early.

    In the status operation announcement, you can also find information about the "Eternal War Kingdom", in which the Legion has a conflict.