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  • Antonio Brown was the cover star of Madden 19, had a launch rating of 99, and was wearing a Steelers jersey. A lot can chance in 12 months. Now Brown is a much-maligned personality and a member of the Oakland Raiders. That should not affect his standing on Madden 20 though. Brown's streak of four-straight Initial Team All-Pro berths was broken last year, but he racked up 104 grabs, 1,297 yards, along with an NFL-best 15 getting touchdowns.Julio Jones just barely missed out to the max rating this past year, picking up a 98 OVR, however the Falcons star is still one of the most unstoppable forces from the MUT 20 Coins. He led the league in receiving yards last year with 1,677 and for the third time in yards per game at 104.8. He's long been Atlanta's best player which seems set to last.

    Joining Brown from the"new house for 2019" is Odell Beckham who was traded to Cleveland just before the draft that year. Beckham's on-field production has been limited to the ineptitude and accidents but that he was in 2014-16 with this trade comes a buzz of excitement he could go back to become the monster that was uncoverable. Beckham set up.

    ? The other two likely to hit 90+ are Houston's DeAndre Hopkins, that has the pocket of Tyreek Hill, and unquestionably the best hands in the company. Hopkins' remarkable route running and grabbing skill made him an All-Pro last year with 1,572 yards and 11 touchdowns.Tyreek Hill's big play capability is already legendary, and after a 17.0 yards per catch average last year I will see him building on last years 87 OVR launch rat.Madden 20 is only around the corner, and like most sports franchises there has to be improvements from year to year. In Madden 19 we got a better physics engine and post-touchdown parties in addition to a reworked player development model in Franchise Mode and extra features in Ultimate Team.EA Sports have announced that there'll be"X-Factor" players, that may kick this up a notch when the pressure is their staff is rolling, but outside of that fans are going to want to see more from the match. These aren't options we anticipate this years game to be put into by EA Sports, but we can dream right?

    Madden playbooks are attached to head coaches, with the defensive and offensive coordinators. We know that's not how soccer actually works. Offensive and defensive coordinators are vital to the scheme teams run as well as the playcalling on gameday. Introducing those coaches would include another level of realism to Madden 20. Imagine if the only way was supposed to fire a planner and employ a new one? What if certain coordinators gave your players a boost when buy Madden NFL 20 Coins theories conducted or could provide a upgrade in certain stats to certain positions? It'd make Madden 20 a match.