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  • Posted On : Jul 14, 2021
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  • Description : What if I told you there is a dispensing technology system that can extend the shelf life of products, including organic products, without negatively impacting the quality?


  •   What if I told you there is a dispensing technology system that can extend the shelf life of products, including organic products, without negatively impacting the quality?

      What if I told you this system allows for up to 99 percent evacuation of the product?

      What if I told you that more and more companies are considering or are already using this technology successfully?

      The answer to these questions is airless packaging technology. As a brand owner, you probably have a lot of questions about a process that is the future of beauty and personal care packaging. In this Q&A, we’ll address common questions surrounding airless packaging technology to help you determine if Lotion Dispenser Pump whloesales is right for your brand and products.

      What is Driving Airless Technology’s Growth?

      While airless technology applies to many markets, including food, health care, ethical pharmaceutical and home care, it’s most prevalent in beauty and personal care. This includes products like serums, products with organic ingredients, products that require customization (such as individualized color matches), as well as skin, sun and hair care products. It’s not surprising to understand why airless technology appeals to beauty and personal care brand owners: The atmospheric system used in an airless technology system means there is no air intake and no air contact with the product formula so the preservation benefits are extraordinary.

      Consider this: The global market for airless packaging is expected to reach $7.5 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of approximately 6.7% over the next decade.¹

      What’s driving this remarkable growth? Two main drivers: One - consumer preference. Two - brand owners’ essential need to ensure product integrity.

      For instance, packaging is a fundamental part of health and beauty aids, and in a market where conveying a sense of luxury and perception of a high-end product is very important, airless meets this need – it can create a “wow effect” that many consumers seek, particularly with prestige or masstige brands.

      Airless technology is environmentally friendly, with zero CFC emissions. For consumers focused on sustainability, the recyclable and lightweight airless packaging adds value.

      The increased use of antioxidants, enzymes, proteins and peptides and botanical actives in beauty and personal care products is influencing airless technology’s popularity. New generation airless platforms are required for packaging so these products are protected; it’s a hygienic solution. Since there is no air entering the product, brands can protect their products against impurities without adding preservatives – something that was nearly impossible just a decade ago and in demand as brands continue to evolve product ingredients.

      Full product evacuation is another big driver. Consumers spending big money on products, especially cosmetics, want to make sure they are capable of evacuating all of the product. They want to get their money’s worth for these high price point products and use the very last drop.

      Ergonomic and convenience is key. With 360-degree multi-position dispensing, product can be dispensed in any direction, making it easy to use upright or inverted, with zero interruption of actuation. The 360-degree dispensing capability – particularly for fine mist and lotion dispensing – makes it quick and easy to use.

      Consumers also prefer products that meet their safety criteria. The non-pressurized tamper-proof dispensing system delivers a product that is safe, free of contaminants and unaltered.

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